This document provides tips for UNAIDS Photos users. For more help visit the Google Photos Help Center.

Where can I see a list of albums available?

Click on Home to see a list of photo albums. If you do not see the album you are looking for, submit a request.

How can I download a photo?

If you have clicked on a link like and you are not logged in to Google, you will see something like this. To download all photos in this album, click on the Download icon shown in the screenshot below.

If you only want to download one photo in the album, click on it, then click on the More options icon (screenshot) and click on Download.

What or who is in the photo?

To read the caption and find out more details about the photo, click on the Info icon (screenshot). If the caption is not clear or you have questions, please contact us.

How can I join an album to get updates on new content added? (Google accounts only)

Sign in (see buttons circled red) with your username and password. Once signed in, you can join albums.

How do I bookmark the UNAIDS Photos page?

In Google Chrome, go to the page and click on the star icon (screenshot).

Where do I see album updates?

When you are logged in you can view notifications from Google Photos and Google+ by clicking on the notifications icon (circled red, next to your account avatar).

If there are new unread notifications, the icon is red. You can also access Google Photos notifications from the Assistant view (see circled icon on the left side of the screen).

Where are the albums I have joined?

On the left navigation menu, click on the third icon: Albums. Then click on Shared albums.

How do I share photos, albums?

The easiest way to reshare a link that has been shared with you is to forward the link. If you only want to share one photo from an album that was shared with you, click on it, copy the web address you see in the browser, and paste it in a message to your recipient.

How do I add photos to my own library?

If you have a Google account and are signed in, you can also add a photo to your own library (click on the download-from-the-cloud icon)...
After you've added a photo to your library, click on the View link in the notification... go to your recently added photos.

When you are in the photo, click on the Share icon to share it by email or post it on social media.

How do I contact UNAIDS Photos?

Submit your requests by email to; by mail to Mr Pere MORA ROMA or Mr Roman LEVCHENKO, UNAIDS Secretariat, Communications and Global Advocacy, Office D 31012, Avenue Appia, 20, CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland; or by phone: +41 22 791 3415 or +41 22 791 3873.

How do I find photos published on

On Google search box, enter
“search query”
and hit enter. Replace “search query” with what you’re searching for.
When you get the results, switch to Images

You can also narrow down the image results according to size, publish date, colour scheme, etc.

How do I get more tips on using Google Photos?

Additional help is available from Google Photos Help Center